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  In July Scene magazine featured an article about the houses that needed to be demolished in Cleveland. As of July 2015 159,000 parcels of land in Cleveland have been evaluated from the street level.  That was about 25% of the properties.  The survey currently shows that about 8,000 structures in Cleveland will require demolition.  […]

  We’ve moved to Louisiana.  It’s taking some getting used to. This is a city that still is recovering from Katerina and, like a lot of big cities; there is a lot of work to be done.  Here is a picture of a house at the end of our street that is awaiting rehab: As […]

While these are three separate neighborhoods, they are only a block apart and, in a recent visit, I picked up a free newspaper where the three places are lumped together and called Shaker Square Area. Larchmere and Shaker Square are in Cleveland. Shaker Heights is a town onto itself. The name Shaker came from the […]