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Dear Family and Friends, This was a busy year of crossing off long delayed and somewhat tedious things on the “to do” list. But we sure had plenty of fun too. Last winter we spent January and February in Tucson and March in New Orleans. Arizona was sunny and warm so we were able to […]

It was the last game of the season. Mitchell Marcus was suited up to play basketball for the Thunderbolts of El Paso Texas. It was his moment of glory and Coach Morales had a surprise up his sleeve. He was going to let Mitchell, the team manager, play for the first time. Mitchell has a […]

I came to the Gestalt Workshop with the purpose of creating a thirty second elevator speech that would answer to the question: “What is Gestalt?” Dave is the executive director of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. Some people have no idea what Gestalt is or else they have a fuzzy view at best.  Me too. […]