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  In July Scene magazine featured an article about the houses that needed to be demolished in Cleveland. As of July 2015 159,000 parcels of land in Cleveland have been evaluated from the street level.  That was about 25% of the properties.  The survey currently shows that about 8,000 structures in Cleveland will require demolition.  […]

We’ve had a lot of rain in northeast Ohio this June. There has been some local flooding, puddles abound, mosquitoes are thriving,  and trails are wet. June brides must be moving indoors. Outside our loft windows I see storms moving across Lake Erie. Sometimes they seem to hover there, deciding whether or not to come […]

Last week I was riding the bus home from an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic. There was an empty seat next to me. A black man with back pack boarded and sat on the edge of the seat next to me and quietly said, ”That’s okay” as I edged over an inch to make room […]