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They said it would never last. There were five teachers who got together to follow the footsteps of Bob Vogel into the Grand Canyon. That first year it was Judy Brookhart (4th grade, Admissions Director), Carolyn Howell and Karen Goodwin Patterson (OTS History Department), Kay Burdette (Curriculum Director), and Sandy Yocum (Art Department).  Aside from […]

  I’ve attended two class reunions: my high school’s 25th and 50th. I’m done with them. By my 50th reunion my class of 500 had already lost 70 classmates. Gloomy. Plus I didn’t remember almost everyone who was there and they didn’t remember me. When it came time for my college reunion I debated going […]

This is a piece I wrote six years ago while we were living in Carmel California.   Enough, already. This was my answer to those who say that crisis tests character.  I really think I’ve been tested and could use a retirement from the whole adversity thing. Don’t I know myself well enough? Haven’t I […]