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My last image before going to bed Monday night was that of a line of police officers lined up against an angry crowd of protesters in Ferguson.  Here we go again. In 1999 a person of color reaches for his wallet while being detained by police. He is shot and killed.  A young man reaches […]

  Move to Wyoming. Or Hawaii.  According to The Upshot, as reported by Annie Lowrey in the Times Magazine and then by Alan Flippen in The New York Times, these are two states where none of the counties have below average ratings for education, median household income, unemployment rates, disability rates, life expectancy, or obesity […]

Death. It comes to all of us. Plan for it or not, there is the reality. I’ve decided to plan for mine and I have wills that go as far back as 1979. Now we are updating our documents for the first time in 14 years. We have the typical provisions for our little “estate” […]