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Writers employ a lot of techniques to improve their craft. I’m trying to learn some of these so I can actually call myself a writer some day. (Some people say you can’t call yourself a writer until you have been published. I don’t count posting on my blog as being  “published.”) Learning these writing lessons […]

We’ve been eating out. A lot. For one thing, it’s a good excuse for the cook to get out of the condo and it is a great way to see neighborhoods, try different tastes, and get fat. The Farmer’s Market in St. Pete is every Saturday morning. Besides the booths that sell salsa, jams, and […]

Here is an update from your nomadic senior citizens. As you know from the hole in your address book, we have moved again! This time it was from a view of the Pacific in Carmel CA to a view of Lake Erie in Cleveland Ohio. I’m sure you have checked this out on our blog: […]