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Edith was hitting a wall. The local high school had come up with the idea of asking four senior citizens to speak at their graduation and she had been picked as the community representative. This was risky business since Edith was known as a loose cannon. The Sun Coast Retirement Center thought they could control […]

The Sun Coast Retirement Center was hosting a class on Driver Safety sponsored by AARP. Since Edith still drove and wanted to save some money on her car insurance, she signed up. Of course, Edith knew all the other participants with the exception of a couple of outsiders who were “townies.” The morning arrived and […]

Edith, like other people of her era, has been truly upset with Congress. In her day, Congress did their jobs, they worked things out in smoked filled back rooms or on the golf course. They were NOT these babies who threatened to take their marbles and go home unless things went their way. She decided […]