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Last week I was riding the bus home from an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic. There was an empty seat next to me. A black man with back pack boarded and sat on the edge of the seat next to me and quietly said, ”That’s okay” as I edged over an inch to make room […]

      Driving in a can of worms Without street lights at night, People in a car not theirs were Laughing with all their might. The streets changed names Without reason or logic. First you knew where you were. Then lost! Quite trogic! There must be a handier shortcut, A much better way to […]

Don’t ignore pain especially when it’s the largest nerve in your body. That’s what I did last February when I had my first bout with sciatic nerve pain. I took aspirin and mostly sat around for 3- 4 days and the pain gradually subsided. I knew what it was. I could tell it was getting […]