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  Long red manicured fingernails Picking absently at teeth. A look of dull boredom With contempt underneath? Knuckle length diamond Shouts out her name “I belong here at poolside Are you the same?” A bevy of mom’s and aunties Two sunny tables away. Passing a sunglassed baby Who invites them all to stay. Ahi tuna […]

Well, it’s happened. I did ballet today. I’ve joined a big (18,000 members in the winter) YMCA here. They have back to back classes in 4 studios, a multi purpose room, and a pool. It is so crowded that we practically stack on top of each other. Don’t be the last to arrive. I’ve tried […]

A few years ago one of the fast food restaurants had an ad campaign that showed enthusiastic customers asking to “Supersize me.” They could get the big gulp drink. What a deal! Now we are hearing that these big drinks contribute to obesity in the United States and there is a move to start limiting […]