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Most students are back at school. I still can’t believe it. Starting mid August it seems kids head back with clean clothes, new backpacks, and tidy sneakers. Over the last two weeks before Labor Day, streets generally empty of kids riding their bikes. And then the heat begins. It never seems to fail. The really […]

  Back in September I wrote about urban farming, community gardens, and farmer’s markets. As an extension of this, I’ve noticed that many restaurants are now offering more locally grown choices for produce and even dairy and meat. In Scene Magazine the news is that, along with more parking (yeah!) at the West Side Market, […]

There are no shops or libraries. Places to eat are long gone. Mexican fast food is it. Our hunger pains grow long. At 7pm we stopped to eat. The entire main drag we covered. A repast at the DQ for ice cream. No guilt dinner. I won’t be mothered! This Texas town had one business. […]