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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There are no gifts to purchase, cards to send, minimal decorating if any, and no special pageants, concerts, or plays to attend. Mainly, it’s just food, football, and visiting. My niece, Chris Moore, has been hosting us lately. She is the best cook I know and probably the best cook […]

The days of Secret Santas and giving every relative a Christmas gift are long gone. I’ve pared down my shopping to my son, one name on our family gift exchange, and a great grand niece who is two. Even Dave and I have given up on each other and gift each other a winter away […]

No matter how old you are nor the age of your adult offspring, you will always be a parent.  I’ve laughed about this with lots of friends and shared the story of my mother, when I was 42, reminding me to thank my Uncle John for a gift. I have a 41 year old son […]