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Dear Family and Friends, This was a busy year of crossing off long delayed and somewhat tedious things on the “to do” list. But we sure had plenty of fun too. Last winter we spent January and February in Tucson and March in New Orleans. Arizona was sunny and warm so we were able to […]

Movies It may not be true, but it feels like it has been a cooler and wetter spring and summer so far. This lends itself to going to the movies. Within the last ten days, we’ve seen Star Trek: Into the Darkness and The Lone Ranger. Do you remember going to your first huge special […]

  Sometimes, you just don’t’ need to think about shopping, decorating, baking, and carols. You just want to escape. That’s what I’ve been doing this time of year and, come to think of it, most Christmas seasons. I go to the movies both in theaters and at home. Thankfully, November and December are when those […]