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Most students are back at school. I still can’t believe it. Starting mid August it seems kids head back with clean clothes, new backpacks, and tidy sneakers. Over the last two weeks before Labor Day, streets generally empty of kids riding their bikes. And then the heat begins. It never seems to fail. The really […]

Movies It may not be true, but it feels like it has been a cooler and wetter spring and summer so far. This lends itself to going to the movies. Within the last ten days, we’ve seen Star Trek: Into the Darkness and The Lone Ranger. Do you remember going to your first huge special […]

It’s Labor Day weekend. We have the windows open today and the tail end of Hurricane Isaac is slowly drifting away from the shoreline of Lake Erie. While the trees are not turning autumnal shades yet, there are quite a few that are yellow due to the stress of a hot and dry summer. Cleveland […]