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  I’ve been at the beach several times. The best beach for clear water has been Mentor Headlands State Park. The drawback? You have to walk across about 10 feet of baseball sized rocks to the water’s edge then another six feet of rocks underwater, then sand! By then you are up to your neck […]

Somewhere in my 30’s I picked up the delicious taste for beer. Gradually, I switched from drinking wine at parties and while eating out. I still drink Reds, especially in the winter with a nice leisurely meal of steak or fish, but for most burger, salad, or just mac and cheese meals, I’ll pick beer. […]

Gems Last week I was recovered enough from sciatica to meet up with my cousin Judy and her husband Mike. They come into Tucson almost every year for the Gem and Mineral Show. When I heard about this show a few years ago I thought there would be a big lay out at the Convention […]