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  Long red manicured fingernails Picking absently at teeth. A look of dull boredom With contempt underneath? Knuckle length diamond Shouts out her name “I belong here at poolside Are you the same?” A bevy of mom’s and aunties Two sunny tables away. Passing a sunglassed baby Who invites them all to stay. Ahi tuna […]

  I’ve been at the beach several times. The best beach for clear water has been Mentor Headlands State Park. The drawback? You have to walk across about 10 feet of baseball sized rocks to the water’s edge then another six feet of rocks underwater, then sand! By then you are up to your neck […]

  If you come to Cleveland for more than a day, you’ll probably hit Ohio City. It is close to downtown and certainly is one of two big entertainment districts in the city. We’ve been there many times. In fact, we probably either stop there or drive through at least once a week. This time, […]