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We are on the move again. Read on. Last January Dave and I drove from Cleveland to Tucson and stayed there a month. Since we have wintered there before, it felt in many ways like coming home. Dave picked up his pickle ball and I was swimming in the outdoor pool in January. From Tucson […]

Last week I was riding the bus home from an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic. There was an empty seat next to me. A black man with back pack boarded and sat on the edge of the seat next to me and quietly said, ”That’s okay” as I edged over an inch to make room […]

  I have a new table decoration. Every morning I cover my countertop with my supplements (and prescriptions). The multivitamin is gray. The fish oil is clear yellow. The turmeric is dark orange. The tri plex is white. The baby aspirin is a tiny pale yellow.  Then I get the treat of my chewable calcium […]