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  In July Scene magazine featured an article about the houses that needed to be demolished in Cleveland. As of July 2015 159,000 parcels of land in Cleveland have been evaluated from the street level.  That was about 25% of the properties.  The survey currently shows that about 8,000 structures in Cleveland will require demolition.  […]

  If you come to Cleveland for more than a day, you’ll probably hit Ohio City. It is close to downtown and certainly is one of two big entertainment districts in the city. We’ve been there many times. In fact, we probably either stop there or drive through at least once a week. This time, […]

  Not long ago, Collinwood was considered a down and out neighborhood on Cleveland’s east side.  Even four years ago, when we went there to visit Beachland Ballroom, the place had little to offer in the way of restaurants, shopping or other diversions. But even then there was a sense of community where neighbors came […]