Throughout my life I’ve traveled. Even before the Interstate Highway System, my family took a car trip from Ohio to Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. Over the years I’ve managed to get to all 50 states, and my continent count stands at four.

Like many people, I’d see the typical tourist highlights and check them off my “bucket list.” Since I married Dave in 2000, the way I see places has changed a bit. Now we move to them! We’ve lived in Doylestown Ohio, Little Rock Arkansas, Carmel California, and now downtown Cleveland Ohio—all in ten years. For someone who had always lived close to where she was born and moved infrequently, that’s been quite a change.

Mostly I’ve lived in suburban residential neighborhoods. City life is opening my eyes to a new way of living and thinking. In this blog I’ll write about my living in downtown as well as other thoughts that trickle through my mind.