Roger Hite

Roger & Jeanie

It is hard to believe that Roger and Karen are brother and sister. After all, Karen is so gorgeous, talented, YOUNG, and spritely compared to her MUCH older brother—just kidding, Roger. (Obviously that was Karen speaking.)

Anyway, besides knowing Karen all her life (duh), Roger’s main claim to fame is that he has four children (Chris, Richard, Noelle, and Pat) and eight grandchildren with his first wife, Martha, and two stepchildren  (John and Greg) and two step grandchildren with his second wife Jeanie. None of these children and stepchildren are in jail, doing drugs, molesting old ladies, or dodging their taxes. Roger is very proud of them.

Roger is a lawyer working part time in his “retirement.” But his real hobbies and  passions are gardening and fishing. He has a fabulous garden and even carries some of his HUGE plants into his basement each year. Some people, who remain unnamed, feel that Roger is slightly insane to do this. But then, he is a lawyer, and that shows a weakness in his gene structure.