Margy Liske

Margy and Kurt Liske

Margy Liske is a wife, mother, storyteller and good friend to Karen. She is known to many of us as a disciplined exerciser, a curious questioner, and thoughtful reader and writer.  She is a Friend, as in Quaker, as well as a friend.

She always says “thank you” no matter what. Probably because she was the youngest of a long line of children she learned she’d better say these polite things or get kicked.

We just appointed Margy as our person to assign us a book to read before our trips. We are hoping to learn more about the region before we descend.  Since she is a former librarian, we think she is up to the task.

Margy often begins many sentences with “That reminds me…” and she includes words like “incredible,” “fabulous,” and “amazing” many times.

She is retired and at home with her husband Kurt. They both fuss over cooking and correct each other about things they’ve read. Since they were both educators they love to rhapsodize over stories. In all fairness to both of them they take teasing very well.

Hazel, their granddaughter, rules the roost of her parents and grandparents. Right now Hazel lives in Deerfield Massachusetts with her parents Heather and Paul.