Kay Burdette

All the hiking buddies (Karen Patterson, Judy Brookhart, Carolyn Howell, and Margy Liske) worked with Kay Burdette at Old Trail School. She moved from teaching into administration and got to go to all those interesting meetings while the rest of us were still sitting around in the Teacher’s Lounge eating chocolates.

From left: Kay Burdette, Judy Brookhart, Carolyn Howell, Margy Liske, Karen Patterson

Once retired, Kay moved to Santa Fe. Now she is busy out there with the Botanical Garden and her church and pestering her husband, Bob, to plant stuff around the house, go play golf and tennis, and fix his own lunches. After all that fun they jump in their hot tub and look out over the mountains.

Kay has three kids and a bunch of grandkids but she doesn’t bore us with too many details. In fact, that is a kind of rule with the hiking buddies: don’t go on and on about the grandkids. Anyway, daughter Susan lives in Santa Fe, son Scott lives in San Diego, and son Doug lives in Santa Barbara. You notice that my friend’s kids all live in interesting places and this is part of the reason I like them!

Kay likes to travel with her sister Barbara. Twice a year they take off and go somewhere interesting-usually in Europe. Afterwards, Kay makes up a DVD or an album or a book and we get to see the pictures. Kay is our techie person and also a good researcher. In fact, we don’t take cameras anymore on trips.  If Kay forgot her camera, we wouldn’t know where we were.