Judy Brookhart

Judy is the shorter blond int he front. The others from left to right are Kay Burdette, Carolyn Howell, Karen Patterson, Margy Liske.

Judy Brookhart has been a friend for many, many, many years. We first got acquainted when we worked as co chairs of the history department at Old Trail School. She was a fourth grade math and social studies teacher and I was a middle school history teacher.

Judy and I also collected some friends and started hiking together once a year. The five of us (Carolyn Howell, Kay Burdette, myself, and Sandy Yocum who was later replaced by Margy Liske) have all tolerated and loved each other very well as we climbed hills, forded streams, cooked dinners, hot tubbed, and tasted wine for 18 years. Now that we are all retired, we are getting together when everyone else is off to school.

Judy is in charge of finding places for us to stay on our trips. We used to stay in B and Bs. Now we rent a house because one of us (me) needs a “snore” room and sometimes we just need to have a time out.  Judy also is our resident worrier and all around cheerful person.

But most important in her life is her family, which is spread out in New York City (Melissa, Stephen parents of Max and Tillie) and Seattle (Josh, Cleo parents of Leah, Ariel, Ian, and Gabe) and then her love of God.