Chris Hite Moore

Chris Hite Moore with husband Jeff

Chris Hite Moore is my (Karen’s) beautiful, intelligent, funny, and creative niece. She is a busy Mimi to granddaughter Connie and also keeps her whippersnapper husband Jeff in line. She is also very devoted to her in-laws as well as to all of us Hites. Go figure.

Chris and Jeff have been married forever and have two grown up children, Libby and Evan, who no longer require tuition. This was cause for a discreet and quietly joyous celebration similar to burning the mortgage rituals. In fact, both Libby and Evan are gainfully employed.

Chris likes to read, and travel as well as cook. The Moore’s have a garden where they grow tomatoes and other vegetables while putting up a demonistic fight against those cute little animals that like what they grow.