The people in the lives of the sexagenarians in the city—friends, family, and others who pop up from time to time.

Dan “Daffy Dan” Gray is Cleveland’s own favorite son–a sort of living breathing personification of the city. A marketing genus, he managed to parlay selling T-shirts into area-wide celebrity, becoming… MORE

Victoria Waltman is Dan Gray’s girlfriend. MORE

Karen Flowers is a longtime friend of Karen’s. Over the years they have shared their love of hiking and cycling… MORE

Richard Hite is Karen’s elder nephew…MORE

Patrick Hite is Karen’s younger nephew…MORE

Chris Hite Moore is Karen’s niece…MORE

Roger Hite is Karen’s brother…MORE

Noelle Hite Whitehouse is Karen’s niece…MORE

Gregory Jayson Goodwin is Karen’s son…More

Judy Brookhart is one of the Old Trail mafia…More

Kay Burdette is another of the Old Trail mafia…More

Carolyn Howell is another of the Old Trail gang…More

Margy Liske is another retired Old Trailer…More