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They said it would never last. There were five teachers who got together to follow the footsteps of Bob Vogel into the Grand Canyon. That first year it was Judy Brookhart (4th grade, Admissions Director), Carolyn Howell and Karen Goodwin Patterson (OTS History Department), Kay Burdette (Curriculum Director), and Sandy Yocum (Art Department).  Aside from […]

  In July Scene magazine featured an article about the houses that needed to be demolished in Cleveland. As of July 2015 159,000 parcels of land in Cleveland have been evaluated from the street level.  That was about 25% of the properties.  The survey currently shows that about 8,000 structures in Cleveland will require demolition.  […]

  I’ve been at the beach several times. The best beach for clear water has been Mentor Headlands State Park. The drawback? You have to walk across about 10 feet of baseball sized rocks to the water’s edge then another six feet of rocks underwater, then sand! By then you are up to your neck […]