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I saw it today This early autumn day A brown house I’ve never been inside I remember having seen it as a child Was it brown then? This house of my great, great grandfather This house that a century and a half ago He rose from foundation and cellar To roof and cupola On the […]

It was a Saturday morning in October, and there I was handing my car keys to a guy named Vinnie I’d just met in a deli in suburban, New York. Vinnie was promising to keep my Nissan Altima Hybrid parked in the lot behind the deli, while Karen and I went off to New York […]

Four vacant blocks strewn with the rubble Of buildings that had stood upon them Last time I looked Buildings that had replaced earlier buildings That had replaced even earlier buildings I tried to remember them Those buildings I had known As they looked months, weeks — days ago And could no more recall their shape […]