Rubbing Elbows: a Florida postcard from Don CeSar

St. Pete beach


Long red manicured fingernails
Picking absently at teeth.
A look of dull boredom
With contempt underneath?

Knuckle length diamond
Shouts out her name
“I belong here at poolside
Are you the same?”

A bevy of mom’s and aunties
Two sunny tables away.
Passing a sunglassed baby
Who invites them all to stay.

Ahi tuna tataki and iced tea
Arrive after a longish wait.
Five tiny medallions- delicious but
My growling appetite is great.

After licking the plate
And viewing Gulf waves,
I’m very hungry indeed
And still wanting to graze.

A perfect scalloped white bikini
Young tanned body –so perfect
Strolls by our shaded table and,
At 73, too old. I’m ticked!

After chocking on our bill
(18% service charge added in),
Parking is validated –thank you
But still ten dollars- a sin!

So north on Gulf Boulevard
Stomach growling for food
We swing by for ice cream
And fill up to be shrewd.

Our swanky beach/poolside café-
It’s an experience worth the trip,
But, on the chance if offered again,
I’d give it all a skip.