Welcome 2016

We are on the move again. Read on.

Last January Dave and I drove from Cleveland to Tucson and stayed there a month. Since we have wintered there before, it felt in many ways like coming home. Dave picked up his pickle ball and I was swimming in the outdoor pool in January.

From Tucson we drove to Encinitas California and dropped our car off at Cousin Judy’s. Flying from San Diego to Auckland New Zealand took 36 hours door to door so when we arrived at midnight on Feb 2 we could quickly start our jet lag adjustment by flopping in bed and falling asleep before our eyes were closed. Our travel for two months in Kiwiland is documented on our blog called Karen’s and Dave’s New Zealand Trip. We can wrap up the trip by saying YOU SHOULD GO.http://arpsite.com/

After returning to California at the end of March we took 6 days to drive across country back to Cleveland. Near the end, it felt like a horse going to the barn. We were anxious to get home and stay awhile.

Life quickly returned to normal with Dave helping our landlord and his best friend, Dan Gray, and also keeping up with several of his projects. I returned to volunteering, being outdoors, going to the gym, enriching my various dentists, and catching up with family and friends.

Greg at the beach

Greg at the beach

Greg spent part of the summer taking a driver evaluation class to update his driving skills. He still looks forward to his car shows and listening to opera. Every Thursday I take great grand niece Connie Archinal “swimming.” At 3 she takes great pleasure in pouring water over my head. She will soon be joined in the water by her new sister, Dot, in the “share everything” adventure.

Connie at the pool

Connie at the pool

In September I joined my 4 hiking buddies for trip #20 in the Rocky Mountains. The highlight is always being together for a solid 5 days but this year’s memorable hike was at 12,000’ and in a sleet storm.

For the past two years we have been looking at small ranch houses. We knew we would eventually need to move and the matter was decided for us when investors showed a big interest in buying the buildings on our corner. Of course, we wanted a small ranch that was move-in ready with storage (garage and/or basement and big closets). What we bought is a small ranch. But boy did we get a bargain! I’m calling it our half price house and it DOES need work. In the summer our new address will be 1454 Taft Ave. Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 44223.1454 Taft Ave.

Hopefully, we can get some of the work (update the kitchen, add a bathroom, drywall, floors, and some added storage) done while we are keeping warm in St. Petersburg Florida this January, February, and March.

So we will be leaving downtown city life and moving to a bedroom community where I lived over 15 years ago. All our grocery stores, parks, movies, library, and restaurants are very close. It will be back to having a yard and views of dog walkers, and backyard barbeques instead of trains, planes, and freighters on Lake Erie.

It looks like new adventures await all of us in the New Year. I’m glad to be part of the excitement and waiting to hear what the future brings for you.


Karen and Dave