Twenty Years of Following Our Trails

Year #20 Kay, Karen, Carolyn, Margy, Judy

Year #20 Kay, Karen, Carolyn, Margy, Judy

They said it would never last. There were five teachers who got together to follow the footsteps of Bob Vogel into the Grand Canyon. That first year it was Judy Brookhart (4th grade, Admissions Director), Carolyn Howell and Karen Goodwin Patterson (OTS History Department), Kay Burdette (Curriculum Director), and Sandy Yocum (Art Department).  Aside from working at Old Trail we were and are very different personalities but we had, and still have, one thing in common. We love to hike.
We all trained that first year not knowing how strenuous the hike would be but we switchbacked  down to Havasupai Village in the Grand Canyon with ease. And we proved that we got along with each other very well.

Since then we’ve hiked in many National and State Parks around the US and Canada: Zion, Bryce, Olympic, and Monument Valley to name a few. For year 10 we hiked in Banff.  In 2015 we hiked at the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Eventually, Sandy Yocum left the group and Margaret Liske (OTS Librarian) joined us. We also went from Bed and Breakfast housing to renting our own house (making sure we had a hot tub and plenty of wine glasses!).

Maybe it’s the outdoors, the meals, the shared giggles or tears that have kept us together. But certainly walking on narrow paths has taught us to watch each other’s backs both figuratively and literally.