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Liberty Boulevard. Remember that? Now it is named Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and you’ve ridden on it if you make your way from I 90 to University Circle or one of hospitals near there. In your haste, you may not have noticed the one mile stretch of Rockefeller Park that includes the Cleveland Cultural […]

We’ve had a lot of rain in northeast Ohio this June. There has been some local flooding, puddles abound, mosquitoes are thriving,  and trails are wet. June brides must be moving indoors. Outside our loft windows I see storms moving across Lake Erie. Sometimes they seem to hover there, deciding whether or not to come […]

He did it again. Against all odds, LeBron James led the Cavs to another victory against Golden State in San Franciso. Cleveland went wild. While Dave and I were reading in bed after the game, cars were blasting their horns under or windows. Fans are jubilant. We’ve watched all the playoffs. I should say that […]