Happy Holidays 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This was a busy year of crossing off long delayed and somewhat tedious things on the “to do” list. But we sure had plenty of fun too.
Last winter we spent January and February in Tucson and March in New Orleans. Arizona was sunny and warm so we were able to be outdoors a lot (except for a few weeks when I was laid up with sciatic nerve pain). There was a lot to do there including wonderful hiking and I had the added bonus of seeing cousins on both sides of my family and a friend from kindergarten days.Happy Holidays 2014 We moved to New Orleans and more rain and just in time to finish up their parade season. Happy Holidays 2014We meandered home through Little Rock and a visit with friends there.
The summer was busy doing rehab on the back, hip, and leg. I wrapped up a year of dental work with implants. I now have an expensive mouth full of teeth that should last three lifetimes. I also got to see plenty of my almost two year old great grand niece, Connie. I spoiled her and she exhausted me!

Connie and Elmo

Connie and Elmo

As usual, there were lots of outdoor activities in our mild and pleasant Ohio summer. Greg and I made a trip to Michigan to visit Greenfield Village and Bonner’s Christmas store.

Greg at Bonners

Greg at Bonners

September brought our 19th hiking trip to California and Point Reyes National Seashore. After my walking buddies returned home,

Karen, Carolyn, Judy, Kay, Margy

Karen, Carolyn, Judy, Kay, Margy

I stayed on with Richard, Chris and Jeff to travel down to Carmel, and visits with friends there and Pebble Beach and Big Sur. In October, I traveled to New England with Margy Liske and, after dropping her off in Deerfield, went on to Vermont to visit Noelle in her new home. Noelle and I went on to Maine to visit her son Jackson in Lewiston. On the way back we visited my cousin and her husband; Kathy and Tim Cole in York Maine.

Karen, Jackson, Elmo, Noelle

Karen, Jackson, Elmo, Noelle

After returning to Ohio our lives have been taken up with going away for the winter again. This time we are going to Tucson in January then off to New Zealand for February and March. After 7 years of accumulating, I finally cashed in all my frequent flyer miles and now we are busy getting prepared to leave the country. I’m buying bigger luggage and hope to bring home some wooly things. There are more sheep than people in Kiwi Land.
Dave has been busy on his computer helping friends with their business endeavors. He also displayed his needlework and woodwork in September at an art tour around Cleveland. We officially live in an arts district now. If you’ve seen Humira advertised on TV then you now know someone who takes it. It has helped Dave with his arthritis. He and Dan still have their daily get togethers to solve the problems of two aging downtown buildings and, of course, they solve other problems like global warming, wars, and race relations. We also had a lovely visit from Dave’s niece and her daughter. It’s really good to be reconnected to his side of the family.
Much of our lives is covered in this blog but for the next three and a half months, I’ll be on a writing hiatus. I’ve decided to leave my laptop in Ohio and travel with a tiny tablet. I’ll resume the blog when we return to Ohio in mid to late April. Be prepared for travel stories when we get back.

Peace, love and kindness in the New Year.

Dave and Karen cruising on Lake Erie

Dave and Karen cruising on Lake Erie


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  1. Noelle says:

    What do you terrific, busy life you have! I’m thankful and happy to be part of it.

  2. Judy says:

    “Walking…”? 🙂

  3. Vivian Blair says:

    I miss you! Sounds like you had a fabulous year! Post lots of pictures from New Zealand, please! Love to you both!

    • Karen says:

      Hey, I plan on posting when we return. I’m not bothering with phones and computers while in NZ.
      Dave and I are going on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail next year. Want to go?

  4. Margy Liske says:

    Loved your Xmas Letter/Post! And the pix! Particularly you, Noelle and Jackson, and your birthday pix of you two cruising! Charming! Honored to be included in the year’s round-up – thank you!

    Journeying Mercies, Dearie …..we’ll be thinking of you two a lot and hoping for good weather and lots of good fun! And we’ll look forward to news from time to time, and eventually all the details. 🙂

    And so happy to say “See you Thursday!” Cheers Dear, and Love – M

  5. Vicky says:

    You guys cover a lot of territory! What a good read that was. I expect you to go bungy jumping in New Zealand at the A.J.Hackett operation near Queenstown. If I can do it, you can do it! (Of course that was 25 years ago … however, no strength, skill or training is involved, you just need to channel your inner idiot 🙂

    I look forward to your pictures and reports!