Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter


I have a new table decoration. Every morning I cover my countertop with my supplements (and prescriptions). The multivitamin is gray. The fish oil is clear yellow. The turmeric is dark orange. The tri plex is white. The baby aspirin is a tiny pale yellow.  Then I get the treat of my chewable calcium in caramel. Yum.  Oh! And my probiotic is also white but it is next to my cereal bowl.

I’m supposed to drink more water and I get my first dink every day when I take my pills.

Do you have a line up like this? The whole process began slowly enough about 20 years ago when I was past menopause and I started with Centran. Then, of course, I read things about all the other things that help prevent colds, improve memory, and stop heart attacks. Well, you get the drift. You read that stuff too.

The whole regimen ramped up when I started getting arthritic pain in my hip and knee. I’d tried things before that didn’t work. Thing is, I didn’t take enough. Now I line those puppies up and swallow the lot.

It takes longer for these things to kick in now than it did before.  After two months of 4 pills a day my hip improved (no pain at night). After 6 weeks my knee improved (less pain climbing stairs).  But then again. Are they working because I WANT them to work? Is it the pills or is it mind over matter? After all, there are no controlled research studies on supplements. No one has enough money to pay for them.

Some people our age say they feel like they are 40. Well, when you have 9 pills staring at you first thing every day you have a tangible reminder that you are not that young and supple any more.

I was at a yoga class yesterday (trying to get the “matter” stronger). Several times we were coached to sit in a comfortable position and “let your knees touch the floor.” Who is she kidding? My knees are up in my armpits! My hip abductors are so tight I can’t get anywhere near the floor. My comfortable position is legs straight out.  Of course, I am surrounded with people my age who have been practicing yoga for decades. They can not only get their knees to the floor but wrap them around their necks.  But, to be fair, there are some people almost as hopeless as I am. Our instructor was showing us the 3 warrior poses. The man in front of me kinda rolled over on his back and giggled. I told the class that this was the “dead warrior pose.”

I loved that man at that moment.

Oh well, maybe all this aging stuff has kept me from writing the last few weeks. Maybe my mind is too full of minerals and herbs to be creative and funny. Maybe I have no time after shopping for all this stuff.

Or maybe I’m just too lazy after getting myself peeled off the floor from yoga.