Cha Ching- Shopping During the Holidays

The days of Secret Santas and giving every relative a Christmas gift are long gone. I’ve pared down my shopping to my son, one name on our family gift exchange, and a great grand niece who is two. Even Dave and I have given up on each other and gift each other a winter away in warmer climates.

This year I was lucky enough to draw Libby Archinal, my grand niece, as the recipient of my Hite Christmas gift. Libby is nearing the time of becoming a practicing family doctor. She now needs lots of career clothes that aren’t purchased for going to class and getting down on the floor with her daughter. Her heart goes to loose and funky but her patients come to her expecting tasteful and tailored.

Where in Cleveland can you find clothes and accessories that are stylish, up to date, yet classic? We headed to Tremont and Evie Lou.smitten1

Mind you, I hate to “shop.” Instead I’m the kind of person who knows I need a top to go under a jumper and will look only for that. After two attempts to find it locally, I’ll go home and order something on line. This makes me an outcast from the female shopping sorority. Going into a fitting room and taking off all my clothes is a loathsome job. After an hour, I’m done. This makes the offer of shopping with Libby the extreme sacrifice (except I get the gift of her time.)

Meanwhile, the people I love, including my husband, love to shop and try on clothes.  This is what happened at Evie Lou. I did my honest best by going through the racks and looking at dresses, tunics, and leggings. I admired boots, socks, and funky hats.  I saw lots I loved but where would I wear it? I live in jeans, yoga pants, and T shirts and sweaters. So after my shopping I sat and watched Libby and Noelle try on clothes. I not only commented on their outfits but got to chat with other shoppers as well.

Where do you like to shop? Do you enjoy going through the selection and do you get ideas about outfits? Do you turn over your wardrobe every two to three years and keep maybe 5 classic tops, coats, and boots? Do you have a summer, fall, winter, and spring wardrobe? Do you go to the same 6 stores where you know they’ll have your size and style? What are they?

And do you reward yourself with a sundae after your effort like I do?

Thank you Sweet Moses for being there for me.