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My last image before going to bed Monday night was that of a line of police officers lined up against an angry crowd of protesters in Ferguson.  Here we go again. In 1999 a person of color reaches for his wallet while being detained by police. He is shot and killed.  A young man reaches […]

  I have a new table decoration. Every morning I cover my countertop with my supplements (and prescriptions). The multivitamin is gray. The fish oil is clear yellow. The turmeric is dark orange. The tri plex is white. The baby aspirin is a tiny pale yellow.  Then I get the treat of my chewable calcium […]

The days of Secret Santas and giving every relative a Christmas gift are long gone. I’ve pared down my shopping to my son, one name on our family gift exchange, and a great grand niece who is two. Even Dave and I have given up on each other and gift each other a winter away […]