Getting Directions (Or Not)

Getting Directions




Driving in a can of worms
Without street lights at night,
People in a car not theirs were
Laughing with all their might.

The streets changed names
Without reason or logic.
First you knew where you were.
Then lost! Quite trogic!

There must be a handier shortcut,
A much better way to Gate One.
But fog and hills cut connection.
GPS gone, this was no longer fun.

All roads started to look alike.
Didn’t we pass that house before?
Stop! Back up! Turn around!
There were choices galore.

They never went the same way twice.
They turned and twisted around.
No resident to ask help with the way.
Truly the Forest was a ghost town.

At last they found the fabled Gate.
Their salvation, in sight, was at hand.
The rental house was perfect but decision made:
Next time we’re not staying in Paradise Land.