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Most students are back at school. I still can’t believe it. Starting mid August it seems kids head back with clean clothes, new backpacks, and tidy sneakers. Over the last two weeks before Labor Day, streets generally empty of kids riding their bikes. And then the heat begins. It never seems to fail. The really […]

Since the announcement of the Republican National Convention coming to Cleveland, there has been a feeling of intensified excitement because our city is getting long deserved positive recognition.  Cleveland is coming of age. Last year we had the National Senior Games and this year it is the Gay Games 9. Naturally, being a snoop, I […]

  I’ve attended two class reunions: my high school’s 25th and 50th. I’m done with them. By my 50th reunion my class of 500 had already lost 70 classmates. Gloomy. Plus I didn’t remember almost everyone who was there and they didn’t remember me. When it came time for my college reunion I debated going […]