It’s Cleveland in 2016


It's Cleveland in 2016

Seventy-eight years. That’s how long it’s been since we last had a national political convention. But in 2016 the Republicans are coming to Cleveland.

Of course, Ohio is a swing state. But most people say that is not why we got the bid. They say in the end it is a business decision. The convention needed our city to come up with $60 million and we were the ones who could do it. It was a masterfully coordinated effort to bring all the players in Cleveland and Ohio together.  But our city, county and region will have economic benefits way beyond this initial outlay. By the time the convention arrives downtown will have about 6000 rooms ready to be occupied. With the outlying suburban areas, we’ll have 11,000 rooms. We’ll attract bigger conventions and meetings for years to come.

Conventions have often been held in swing states. But that doesn’t always help the outcome of the political party. The vote in those swing states has not been changed in the last 6 elections.  So, Republicans, don’t count on Ohio to go red.

Nevertheless, lots of attention will be paid to Cleveland. Everyone who comes here says there have been big changes in just the last five years. If you are a regular reader of this blog you know about our food, our lake, our Tribe, and many other attractions we enjoy. All those will be shown on those ads during the convention.  The “Mistake on the Lake” will be banished forever and people will want to come to see what is happening here.  And we’ll have plenty of new rooms for them.

But, wait; there is a downside to the convention hoopla. Beware of what you ask for.  With all those hotel rooms, lunches, happy hours, and dinners and with all the side trips to Blossom, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and baseball games come some unwelcome guests.

Hello protesters, anarchists, and bomb throwers. See the broken windows, the offensive signs, and closed streets. And where is your parking spot? All that extra money will probably go to the police and justice system that will be transporting angry outsiders to Akron or other nearby jails. And will the media focus on the potholes that need $300 million to fix?

Finally, I don’t know about you, but I was so sick of the political ads in the last election  that the last thing I wanted was more of them. With the convention in town we will be further inundated with political types.

I’m thinking of tricking out the place we’re living in 2016, renting it out for big bucks, and leaving town.  Oh, and leaving the TV turned off.