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This is a piece I wrote six years ago while we were living in Carmel California.   Enough, already. This was my answer to those who say that crisis tests character.  I really think I’ve been tested and could use a retirement from the whole adversity thing. Don’t I know myself well enough? Haven’t I […]

On a rainy Sunday in May, Dave and I went to an event in Slavic Village called Rooms to Let. Other festivals were competing for our time that weekend including the Asian Festival and Hessler Street Fair. Since we had attended both of these several times, we decided to try something different and explore a […]

  Seventy-eight years. That’s how long it’s been since we last had a national political convention. But in 2016 the Republicans are coming to Cleveland. Of course, Ohio is a swing state. But most people say that is not why we got the bid. They say in the end it is a business decision. The […]