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Death. It comes to all of us. Plan for it or not, there is the reality. I’ve decided to plan for mine and I have wills that go as far back as 1979. Now we are updating our documents for the first time in 14 years. We have the typical provisions for our little “estate” […]

Even though I’m well entrenched in retirement from teaching, it still remains a passion for me. I’ve always been interested in new developments in education and how they will play out in the classroom. The current discussion that intrigues me is about The Common Core Standards (CCS). Ohio and 45 other states have adopted the […]

Somewhere in my 30’s I picked up the delicious taste for beer. Gradually, I switched from drinking wine at parties and while eating out. I still drink Reds, especially in the winter with a nice leisurely meal of steak or fish, but for most burger, salad, or just mac and cheese meals, I’ll pick beer. […]