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  Back in September I wrote about urban farming, community gardens, and farmer’s markets. As an extension of this, I’ve noticed that many restaurants are now offering more locally grown choices for produce and even dairy and meat. In Scene Magazine the news is that, along with more parking (yeah!) at the West Side Market, […]

The Sun Coast Retirement Center was hosting a class on Driver Safety sponsored by AARP. Since Edith still drove and wanted to save some money on her car insurance, she signed up. Of course, Edith knew all the other participants with the exception of a couple of outsiders who were “townies.” The morning arrived and […]

I belong to AARP. Yes. I’m over 50 and belong to a very large lobby group. But what I enjoy most with membership are the two publications I get from them: a bulletin and a magazine. The most recent bulletin had an article with the above title. It showed the attitudes of 1,800 Americans and […]