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Down a narrow path edged with brambles and undergrowth, the three of them eventually span out in an opening and squat next to decaying logs and moist rocks. They turn over smooth slabs of sandstone to discover green beetles scurrying to hide from the light. Time passes unattended and soon the bell rings to return […]

This is an unreal world, living away from a base for over two months. It’s been a little like being a floater and not touching ground. I’m an observer but not a participant. I live in a place but I’m not connected to it in meaningful ways. There are certainly advantages to being a “non […]

  We’ve moved to Louisiana.  It’s taking some getting used to. This is a city that still is recovering from Katerina and, like a lot of big cities; there is a lot of work to be done.  Here is a picture of a house at the end of our street that is awaiting rehab: As […]