Winter’s Beauty?

While we are in the sunny southwest we have, of course, followed the weather back in Ohio and all other real estate east of the Mississippi. I get periodical updates from friends about what is happening and the weather is big news.

People seem to fall into two categories. The first are the people who say they love winter, it doesn’t bother them, and it is still beautiful. Karen Flowers and Margy Liske like the snow for cross country skiing.  Judy Brookhart pointed out that all of that snow means water that is in short supply in the southwest. Someday, she asserted, all these people in parched places will be moving north where they can afford to pay their water bills. One of my ushering friends still loves to see the snow fall.

Winter in Ohio

Winter in Ohio

Needless to say, there are almost equal numbers in the second category who feel that winter sucks. My niece, Chris Moore, and her daughter, Libby, fall into this category. Many of my friends on Facebook have pictures of the truly huge piles of snow plowed out of their driveways.  Suburban roads aren’t cleared often. When it rains there are slushy piles of gray.  Some posted a picture of a little snowman on their deck with knives inserted that said “Die Winter Die!”Die Winter

Since we have been here it has not rained. In fact it has not rained since December 23. Tucson is in extreme drought and record heat. One cactus on our deck is clearly a goner. When the sun shines here, it doesn’t mess around. It may be 72 here but the sun is so much more intense than it is in Ohio. Don’t get me wrong. That’s why we came here. No gray skies. No dreary days. We can swim outside.

But Ohio is embedded in my soul for many reasons. There is no grass or other ground cover here. Yards are dirt and cactus or some form of scrub.  With no rain it is dusty.  But there are seasons here and Tucson does get winter. On this day last year, I overheard at the Tucson Rodeo Parade today, it was snowing.

So, to my northern friends and family: Here’s to a big winter and those of you who are surviving it.

From a Wimp Hiding Out In The Southwest