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Have you ever lived in a dorm? Were those memories mostly good ones? Mine were. I was fortunate enough to have a roomie who was similar in her study habits, sleeping habits, and neatness habits that we didn’t disagree. We had different friends and that made it better, in my opinion. Because we weren’t “tight” […]

While we are in the sunny southwest we have, of course, followed the weather back in Ohio and all other real estate east of the Mississippi. I get periodical updates from friends about what is happening and the weather is big news. People seem to fall into two categories. The first are the people who […]

Gems Last week I was recovered enough from sciatica to meet up with my cousin Judy and her husband Mike. They come into Tucson almost every year for the Gem and Mineral Show. When I heard about this show a few years ago I thought there would be a big lay out at the Convention […]