Hiking in Flip Flops

Here is my prep before a hike with elevation:

Lubricate heels and bunions with salve, insert toe separators, cover bunions with gel pads, put on padded hiking socks, insert cushioned pads into hiking boots, find and adjust hiking sticks, fill Camelbak or water bottle, cover exposed skin with sun screen, wear hat, and carry a map, tissue, and phone (for camera).Hiking in Flip Flops

Here is the prep for teenagers:



In the past week, Dave and I have been trying out hikes in the Tucson area. There are mountains in all directions so hiking mostly means going up to a ridge over loose rocks that range in size from golf balls to basketballs.

Going up is hard work and slow. I need to check out the best route to take around big steps. But the going down is what scares me. I’m VERY tentative and unsure of myself. I’m terrified of falling forward. Where all this fear came from I’m not sure. Even catching my heel or sliding on loose pebbles sends my heart aflutter. I hate that I have this mostly irrational fear because it holds me back from going on bigger adventures and I slow down Dave. He says he doesn’t turn back because of me, but I think he does. Dear man.

Meanwhile, very young people of both genders sprint by in their flip flops or sneakers sans water. They hop, skip and bolt up the mountain. Same thing going down. hiking in flip flops

Around the world when I have gone for a walk in the country I’ve seen people of all ages, shapes and sizes out there. In England I used to see women in house dresses with old flats or Mary Janes up on the mountain. How do they do that? I’d have a turned ankle for sure.  Nevertheless, they are happily trekking up the boulders and over the roots with gay abandon.

Now I’m trying to “lean into the discomfort.” I try to push myself a bit. Not because I’m a masochist but because I need to get out of my comfort zone or else grow old. And we all know we are supposed to fight that!



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  1. Margy Liske says:

    Karen! You have a great way of putting it all out there! I loved the big blank space where teenagers prepare…. And I think Dave must have a good excuse to turn back when you want to – yet, I know, he is a dear man!