Greetings From The Pattersons—2013

Sarasota Kissing Statue

The Kiss statue on the bay in downtown Sarasota Florida

The only time I sit down to think about the year as a whole is when I write this letter. It never feels like much is going on until I actually think back and look at the calendar.

Last winter we spent two months in Sarasota Florida enjoying lots of sunshine and shorts-wearing weather. We did some of the tourist things while there and also visited friends who live in the Sunshine State. In March we moved (just for the month) to Savannah Georgia. It was much cooler there, but perfect weather for flowers and walking to see the historic houses and cemeteries. While there the historic home tour was going on as well as the Savannah Jazz Fest. For a smaller town, it has a lot of culture.

Karen Bunny

Karen hard at work volunteering

When we returned to Ohio we resumed our lives. I continue volunteering in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Playhouse Square and Dave enjoys getting involved with ghost writing, building websites, and checking out local business accelerators. He also is a big help to his best friend and our landlord, Dan Gray. Of course, we enjoyed the outdoors and made some short trips to Chautauqua Institution, Ann Arbor Art Fest, and Syracuse to visit Dave’s niece, nephews, and cousin.

The “girls” 18 years of “walk and wine” was to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington this year. We enjoyed perfect weather for walking, soaking in the hot tub, eating seafood, and drinking wine. Every year we congratulate ourselves on keeping our tradition of trips going as well as the closeness of the friendships that make it all so meaningful.

Connie Flowers on Head

The best part of living in Ohio is the close proximity of all my family. We had an addition at the end of last year. Connie Archinal is the first baby we’ve had in the family for 18 years so it is a big deal. I get to help baby sit one afternoon a week. If you’ve followed the blog, you know what that means! Christmas will be extra fun this year.

After that we look forward to escaping Cleveland’s winter and traveling to Tucson for January and February then on to New Orleans for March. Beyond that, who knows? I’m hoping the New Year will be as filled with happiness, good health and worthwhile past times for all of you.


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  1. Judy says:

    So glad to be one of the “girls,” though an interesting designation, for that is what the aides at Jane’s assisted living home call the cheerful but sagging boobies which they help into their restraints and out again! 🙂 Good letter!!

  2. Margy Liske says:

    Karen, a delightful run-down on your year! Thanks so much, and your Connie Calendar was a great peek into your life as a great, great aunt! Wow! Did you know you are so great?! Of course, I knew. 🙂

    And your marvelous story of hiking last year – I was heaving and sighing and struggling with you – though I would have been at the back of the line going and coming!

    And your teeth/mouth! Very vivid! Is the black dagger in the illustration the one of yours which was removed? Yikes – you are a brave soul!!!