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We have a Roku box and Netflix is one of the choices to stream entertainment through our Roku to our TV. At under the cost of a movie ticket, the Neflix is the best bargain I’ve had in a long time.  We generally have over 150 movie and TV shows stacked up on our list […]

The only time I sit down to think about the year as a whole is when I write this letter. It never feels like much is going on until I actually think back and look at the calendar. Last winter we spent two months in Sarasota Florida enjoying lots of sunshine and shorts-wearing weather. We […]

While going through some older musings I wrote while we were living in California, I found this poignant memory: Bunions covered. Check. Separators between toes. Check. Hiking socks. Check. Sun hat and sun screen. Check. Check. Water, poles, ….. Psyched and anxious at the same time, I knew I loved the challenge, but hated the […]