Before I Die

Before I DieHave you heard of TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talks? They are short presentations showing the current trends in these diverse areas. Yesterday I saw one presented by Candy Chang who came up with the idea of changing a graffiti covered plywood wall on an abandoned house near her home to a place where people could finish the sentence Before I die I want to…….

These signs are all around the world now. In fact, you can buy a kit to put one up or you can make your own.

Obviously, people had many ideas about what they want to do. It could be more frivolous from “eat more ice cream,” “learn to ride a unicycle,” or “finish my newspaper every day.” Or it could be of the bucket list variety: “visit Kenya,”
“learn to paddleboard,” or “write a book.” Finally, there was the more serious variety like “be me,” “love more completely,” or ” understand why I am here.”

What would you write?

I’ve been pondering this and can’t settle on one thing. First I went to the more meaningful idea: Be mindful of others. I mean if I want to be remembered for just one thing, it should be deep, pithy, and timeless. But then I though “That sounds like I’m getting ready for a car trip.” So then I went to something that could actually be achieved in my remaining years: Be a traveler and not a tourist. That sounded like a good idea even if it was a little hedonistic.

Finally, I thought of something small and doable: Share your happy-making chocolate. This idea gives me great satisfaction. It implies I have chocolate. It says I have someone to share it with.  It also says that chocolate makes people happy.

Can you honestly say that there is a better goal in life than making you and others happy?

So, readers, what do you want to do before you die?