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Back in the early ’60s, several years after my father died, I was a college coed experiencing dating and falling in love. We young women in that pre birth control pill era were supposed to be virgins on our wedding night. At the very least, we MIGHT have sex with our fianc├ęs. A girl who […]

Cleveland used to have a population of over a million. Now we have 390,000. Of course, this happened when people moved to the suburbs and businesses fled to the Sun Belt. So here we sit with lots of empty buildings. But wait! You may have noticed that things are changing in downtown Cleveland. For one […]

Have you heard of TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talks? They are short presentations showing the current trends in these diverse areas. Yesterday I saw one presented by Candy Chang who came up with the idea of changing a graffiti covered plywood wall on an abandoned house near her home to a place where people could […]