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Every week Dave or I pick up a Scene, look it over for ideas of fun stuff to do, then recycle it. We just don’t go out at night unless we have arrangements made by other people.  Our movies are matinees and we often don’t feel the need to pay the big-ticket price for most […]

I saw it today This early autumn day A brown house I’ve never been inside I remember having seen it as a child Was it brown then? This house of my great, great grandfather This house that a century and a half ago He rose from foundation and cellar To roof and cupola On the […]

Have you ever stayed in a B and B or a guesthouse? Why might you choose that type of space over a Best Western, Hampton Inn, or a Hilton? Lately, Dave has been booking our overnight stays and even our winter vacation rentals through airbnb.   From yurts to castles, it is the largest booking site […]