Urban Farming

Summer is wrapping up and the last of most crops are being harvested from rural farms to backyard gardens.  Farmers markets, always popular during the summer months, are packing it in.  In almost every city and town, there are these markets where you can get fresh and local produce, home made honey and jams, as well as beautiful flowers.Urban Farming

The popularity of urban farming is increasing. Vacant lots are being turned into community gardens in big cities like ours. Organizations like Cleveland Crops and Let’s Grow Akron, are rounding up wantta be farmers to grow vegetables to take home as well as to sell to local restaurants. In our town restaurants like Dante, Flying Fig, and Great Lakes Brewing Company all use locally grown produce. We even have our own urban vineyard in Hough. Bee keeping is also popular.

Starting small, many of these plots of land have increased in size and sophistication. You can see they are putting up hoop greenhouses for year-round growing. They provide work for disabled people, immigrants with little knowledge of English, as well as the neighbors. The produce that is grown is often sold at Farmer’s Markets to people on food stamps.Urban Farming

As people become more aware of the benefits of local food, they want to get back to their roots both figuratively and literally. It’s all good for Cleveland.